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El Santos Vs La Tetona Mendoza Full Movie Online Free

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d6a2afd33b El Santos tries to help the zombies of Sahuayo but his ex-wife, La Tetona Mendoza, asks him to get rid of the zombie plague. However, the world gets worse and Santos has to work with his foe, El Peyote.
I&#39;m from Mexico and I would really like to support this movie, but it&#39;s impossible. <br/><br/>I didn&#39;t laugh at any moment during the entire movie. &quot;El Santos&quot; is a very popular character in this Country and they did something really awful with him.<br/><br/>*Spoilers*<br/><br/>A lot of poop, urine and gross sex jokes all the time, a misogynist movie with terrible history and dialogue. Cultural references to other media doesn&#39;t help, bad or gross jokes told over a very long period of time. <br/><br/>There&#39;s a moment when you say to yourself: &quot;Ok, I get the joke. Funny…but not anymore&quot; and then the movie continues on trying to force what the producers or director would call &quot;comedy&quot; through your eyes.<br/><br/>This is truly an insult for Trino and &quot;El Santos&quot;.
Gis and Trino, have been living from repeating the same jokes for over a decade now, they were fortunate enough to make a living, publicizing their work and mingling with the intelligentsia that is supported with money from the Universidad de Guadalajara (the second largest university in Mexico). As this horrendous movie shows, when left to their own devices, Gis and Trino are not much able to make a bad episode of Southpark, its unfortunate that they continue sucking money from a public institution, but hey, that&#39;s life south of the border.<br/><br/>This movie seems to be more a reunion of old folks and friends, all helping each other to make this project work, unsuccessfully. As its so common with these two guys, they are so full of themselves thinking that whatever occurrences that are funny to them, are obligatory funny to others, no such luck.<br/><br/>Is time for new creators and talent, don&#39;t waste your money.

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